2021 Comes to an End

I started writing this, set it aside, and this is round 4…or 5, not sure. It’s hard to do after such a year filled with rancor and ridiculousness, but I’ll give it a try..

The Year from Hell, Vol, 2 is coming to a close, and not a moment too soon. I’ve been thinking about how to wrap up this year in a few short paragraphs, and it hasn’t been easy. No need to rehash the WuHuFlu, aka Chinky Pox, as you’re either Pure Blood or vaxxed. We are all aware of the criminal games being played in DC, by the administration and their minions; that Joe Biden is incompetent, and that some we looked up to had feet of clay and let us down. 

We know what’s at stake…I don’t have to tell you.

Therefore, I am going to probably do what amounts to rambling, and if you have patience and alcohol, you might be able to follow. I’m going to do a PSA for the new people on Gab; might as well get that out of the way, as the Dec21s have landed, and I am apprehensive as to what January 22 holds. 

First off, welcome. Now that you’ve opened your account, get an avatar and a banner. It doesn’t have to be a photo of you; it can be your cat, dog, ferret, a padlock…just get one. You can always change it. Secondly, put something about yourself in the bio section. Don’t dox yourself. Say you raise prize-winning roses, collect loose change on the subway, or run a charity…something, anything. Also don’t turn your bio into hashtag hell…nothing turns me off faster than more than three hashtags. But you do whatever floats your boat. Secondly, and this is very important: no one cares how many followers you had on Twitter when you got booted. Seriously, no one care – it doesn’t buy you any street cred. So don’t embarrass yourself.

Now that we’ve covered that…please remember Gab is NOT Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other social media you used to be on. So don’t try and replicate your experience there. Join groups after checking them out to make sure they’re a good fit for you, but make sure you read the group rules. The main rules are the TOS outlined when you joined.

Next is Followers. Yes, you want to follow people and have them follow you. That doesn’t mean you follow every single person whose cute puppy post you liked. They may be a non-binary, transgendered cannibal who makes sausage. Do your due diligence and go to their home page, see what they post, how many people they follow/have following. If they follow 25k people and are followed by 26k, you’re just a number to them. There are exceptions to that rule, but for the most part you’ll just be one of the herd. 

That’s it. There’s more I could say, but since the tadpoles will barely digest that, why bother? 🐸

To my friends, on and off Gab: I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Be engaged and be content; life is too short to be miserable.



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Named after a fictional British spy from the 1960s, she's a stickler for manners, tradition, and has a love of the finer things in life, mixed with a naughty sense of humor and a vocabulary, once released, could make a stevedore blush. She hates run-on sentences like the one you just read.

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