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Lucia and I have been friends for a long time, so long that neither of us remember the time before we knew each other. Partners in crime, ride or die, thick as thieves, whatever you want to call it, that’s what we were. 

Then we met Blanche. It was a cold night in January, and as we were coming back from some mind-numbing charity event, Lucia needed to use a rest room. Badly. The only place we saw open was a dive bar called “Blanche’s Road House” with loud music coming out at a deafening volume.

You know the rest…Blanche became a dear and trusted friend and part of this blog. At first she demurred, but now is part of our sisterhood, prosthetic hand and all.

Sit back, sip a drink, have a read and enjoy…and feel free to leave a comment. 

About D'arcy

D'arcy grew up on an estate in upstate New York, surrounded by staff, with mostly absentee parents. Left to her own devices, she shunned school, read voraciously, and collected animals, first-edition volumes of her favorite books, and occasionally men. D'arcy recently moved out of her apartment on the UES of NYC with her cavachon pup, Aramis, and is currently living at her late parents estate while deciding on where to put down roots. The best way to get on her good side is to have a sense of humor, not take yourself too seriously, and be kind in general. Irritate her, and you'll be greeted with a laser look and a tongue lashing for the ages, and not the good kind.

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