At All Times Be Diplomatic

Author: Sparky

Mickey got a job on the railways as a steward. For the first day he accompanied another steward to learn the ropes. “It’s very simple,” said his tutor, “just use diplomacy.”

“What’s diplomacy?” asked Mickey.

“Watch me. I’ll show you”. Off they went down the train corridor, rattling compartment doors, opening them with special keys and offering tea or coffee. When the tutor steward flung open one door he was confronted with a buck naked woman. Without batting an eyelid he asked, “Tea or
coffee, sir?”

The surprised woman took the cup of tea and he shut the door.

“Wow, did you see that cutie?!” Mickey said excitedly. “She had no clothes on. But hey, why did you call her sir?”

“That’s diplomacy! I did not want to embarrass her”.
Mickey was most impressed with his teacher.

The next day, on his own now, he flung open a door to a compartment and found a couple making love on the bed. “Tea or coffee, sir?”

“Tea,” the man replied.

“And for your brother?”


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