Responding to Covid Stormtroopers

As Sparky already mentioned in a previous post, President Puddin’ Pop is planning on sending teams out to call on those of us who are not yet vaccinated, in a feeble attempt to encourage us to take the shot. Some of you are planning on putting up “No Trespassing” signs, but for those who can’t (if you have an HOA, it won’t fly), here are some suggestions on how to respond if the Vax Police come a-knockin’…

New Jersey: Whaddayu want? Get off my lawn!!

New York: Take your guns, leave the cannoli, and GTFO.

Southern: Bless your heart…have a cookie. Now leave. Have a nice day, y’heah?

Minnesota: Uff da…here, have some lutefisk…did you know you’re trespassing?.

Texas: 1…2…3…

Religious: Come on in, fellas. You want some iced tea? Before you begin, may I have a word with you about your relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Arizona: You’re on tribal land. You have no sovereignty here. Please visit our gift shop on your way out.

Bee Keeper: Sure, you can talk to me…out by my hives.

Classic: Fuck off.

You get the drift. Have fun with the Feds!!

Hello, Cowboy…

Jingle jangle…

I heard him before I saw him…jingle jangle, jingle, jingle.
Sitting in the lounge area of the car dealership, I saw the source of the noise out of the corner of my eye.
It was a cowboy, dressed all in black, wearing expensive alligator boots…with spurs. Yes…spurs.

Who wears spurs into a car dealership, especially one in the suburbs? We’re not the horsy set here; the horse people are in the county next door, with their stables and riding schools, not where I was this morning. (We’re the lacrosse people where I live.)

I tried not to stare, but I did take a picture of his feet…and knew I had to call Sparky. This required going outside because I knew I’d start laughing, and I wasn’t wrong.

Conversation: Sparky…I’m at the car dealership. Well good for you, Sissy…having fun? Actually, I am. There’s a cowboy here. And he’s wearing spurs. Oh no he is not! No, he really is…here’s a picture of his feet. 

Two seconds later, peals of laughter so loud you could hear it in the service bay…

Later when I came back in, I took the photo you see here. Maybe he thought it was a Mustang dealership?

(It turns out the Brandywine Horse Show started today, which is less than 1/4 mile from the dealership).

Like riding a bike, but not

Getting back into writing after a long layoff is like riding a bike. You’re wobbly at first, then you get stronger and steadier, and before you know it, you’re flying. Except it’s not. Because when you ride a bike, it’s the same every time you do it, and that can’t be said for writing. So that said, have a little patience until I get over being wobbly.

I must have stared at this screen for 30 minutes…so much to say, nothing to say. It’s like a bear emerging from hibernation; slightly fuzzy and confused. It’s summer, but I feel like I missed part of winter and all of Spring. Maybe it’s the onset of Alzheimer’s? Post-Covid brain freeze? I don’t know, but I hope I’m not the only person who feels like this. Plus how does one follow up the epic Jabberwocky ode that Sparky just posted? I mean, did you READ that thing? It was like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, with a shot of mezcal and a lighter fluid chaser. Even Blanche had to read it twice, and she’s fluent in psychedelic (or is it psychotic?) writing.

All I ask is you guys hang in with us…I promise you’ll either laugh, cry, shake your head, or nod along with us.

Let’s get this show on the road…

We’ve been lazy during the WuHu Flu nonsense…hard to get inspired when you have to wear a mask and listen to Fauci, the Italian Doctor of Death, flip flop more than a beached fish.

But it’s time to get things back to normal, so I am settling down to write. But about what? I need inspiration…I know, booze. And a blunt.

Check back later to see if I was successful!!