How Bored Am I?

Between Covid bullshit and protests, I’ve been house bound, and the boredom has moved from serious to a level I never knew existed.
How bored am I, you might ask?
– I just listened to two hours of Mongolian throat singing
– I’m re-reading books from 1978…Scruples by Judith Krantz was the latest
– I’m learning ballroom dancing via video. The dog isn’t liking it much
– I tweezed my legs
– I shaved my arms (they’re very smooth!)

Stop me before I cut my own hair, please?

#BoredToDeath #ChinkyPoxSux

Screw The News

Gawd… it’s been a week, hasn’t it? Riots, SJW’s and the everlasting gobstopper known as Covid19.
More important things like this are on tap for today. [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”4v6xy5wkg7″ question=”Did ya laff?” opened=”1″]I hope you laugh as much as I did.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]



I’ve Been Cooped Up Too Long

The crash of charging hamsters broke the morning silence; and why does my fridge sound like there are eggs boiling in it?
Apparently someone has given out my phone number upon securing some sort of credit for something that means dick to me. If my suspicions are correct, that someone can expect me to serve up his/her ass on a bed of hot rocks and nails; as the unsolicited collection calls and mail have greatly vexed me.
Hold up your head, act like a lady, carry a big purse… with a large caliber weapon and extra ammo.
Just wondering to myself how many women out there, out of desperation, and perhaps out of convenience, have cooked their bacon with a hair straightener.
According to the ads to the right of my precious FB real estate, I should pay attention to my real age, my jam box, and something about playing the hottest game for the hottest girls. If this is some sort of opt in/out research, can I make mega bucks participating, or should I be content in the knowledge that these are only subliminal messages designed to prompt me to insert a screwdriver into my eye?
And then there’s this:

Social Distancing and Bored Outta My Skull

Day 1 of “social distancing”. If this is any indication of how my life’s going to be for any length of time, prepare yourselves. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

This requires a show trial at The Hague followed by swift and bloody execution.

When you vote for the Elder Gods you vote for the dream that has united humanity for ages: We will kill the sun!! As voter #148 of my county I’m doing my part to bring unspeakable horrors and chaos into reality. Until you lose your mind you haven’t given your all!







This is not an approved cooking method. Not even if you have a fever.