Stock Day

Ok stock day. Starting at six gallons, reducing to 3.5. We have carrots, leeks, sweet onions, shallots, a head and a half of garlic, fresh turmeric root in the veg. The meats are two big soup bones, a ham hock, some smoked neck bone, and some prime rib bones from the butcher. Throw in a handful of black peppercorns, two star anise, some allspice, and a handful of kosher salt. Also, some preserved lemons.

I’m letting this go for about five hours or so. The house currently smells fantastic.

D’Arcy and The Galloping Gimli

Lucia has shared her cooking while feeding a fire tale – I have to buy her a decent poker before she hurts someone or herself. I cook…in a fashion. That is to say I can cook, I just don’t necessarily like to, as cooking for one is a pain.
I can make a beautiful salad, with arugula and Romaine, dried cranberries, goat cheese, red bell peppers, with my Aunt Helen’s famous vinaigrette. I can prepare a lovely roast, pork loin, and several pasta dishes. It’s just so much work!!
Enter The Galloping Gimli…a former special services vet who cooks and bakes like a dream. And for a very reasonable sum, he will come in and whip up a dazzling array of dishes, often exotic Korean or Lebanese specialties that make my mouth water. Plus he makes the best bread!
The Gimli was introduced to me by Lucia, of course. She almost repossessed his car by accident, and although he could have squashed her like a bug, he was quite cordial, and they became great friends. He would drop by her office with the most yummy treats, and finally I told her I had to meet this guy. So I did, and now he’s at my place two to three times a week, whipping up tasty meals with plenty of leftovers. Even Aramis likes him, especially when he’s making lamb meatballs…so we asked The Galloping Gimli (aka Steve) to provide some of his recipes (which he insists on calling “recibes” – weird) for the blog, and if we tease, cajole, and downright nag him, maybe he’ll share some other stories….