Fake Candidate

Really, Uncle Joe? Intercourse? Of all the words in the English language, your handlers/you chose that one?  We all know what it means, but you.. you pedantic, grotty predator.. just made it sparkle like Christmas at Grandma’s house.

I understand; you’re only going through the motions. And, were I a more forgiving soul, could almost overlook the fact you’re losing your faculties. That you’re more to be pitied than believed.
They’re using you, Joe. If you can’t see it, you really are demented.
Or getting a nice, fat paycheck for letting your wife stick her arm up your ass to move your lips.

American Comeback

When I read the Communist News Network was triggered so hard they filed a cease and desist order, I have to admit I got a little frisson up my leg.

The ad American Comeback was released last night by the Trump campaign and CNN is pissed; claiming the clip used did not include the full conversation.

Since when did CNN ever care if anything they spout is out of context? All lies all the time spoon-fed to sheep, every day, every night.. 24/7. And the brain washed masses eat it up like Christmas pudding. “Thank you sir.. may I have another?”

So, I say again… up yours, CNN. 
I think it’s time for another visit from The 23.

If YouTube deigns to leave up the video, you can also watch it here.