American Comeback

When I read the Communist News Network was triggered so hard they filed a cease and desist order, I have to admit I got a little frisson up my leg.

The ad American Comeback was released last night by the Trump campaign and CNN is pissed; claiming the clip used did not include the full conversation.

Since when did CNN ever care if anything they spout is out of context? All lies all the time spoon-fed to sheep, every day, every night.. 24/7. And the brain washed masses eat it up like Christmas pudding. “Thank you sir.. may I have another?”

So, I say again… up yours, CNN. 
I think it’s time for another visit from The 23.

If YouTube deigns to leave up the video, you can also watch it here.

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2 Replies to “American Comeback”

  1. I really don’t know or understand, George. Maybe the Dems pay their crowd source more?

  2. George Palczynski on said:

    It appears there is nothing easier than triggering the legacy media into bronchial wheezes – when Trump does his thing. Why the dullards of GOP Inc. will not jump in with hobnail boots… …busy skimming contributions?

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