Dear Hollywood…

Dear Hollywood, 

-we don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual. non-binary, gender-fluid, circumcised, have an extra toe, or a third nipple

-we don’t care how many abortions you’ve had and how they’ve allowed you to follow your dream

-we don’t care what your stance is on gun control, voter rights, climate control, or immigration

-we don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat; Christian, pagan, or atheist

-we don’t care if you’re a carnivore, vegan, dairy-free, or a pescatarian

-we don’t care that you adopt children of different races from other countries to virtual signal how great you are

-we don’t care if you plump up your lips, get your nose made smaller, your boobs made bigger, wax your vageen, or bleach your butthole.

Just STFU, learn your lines, and act. That’s all we want from you, nothing more. DO YOUR JOB, and while you are free to have thoughts and opinions on all matters, don’t ask us to give you extra consideration because you are an actor. Acting is is pretending. And we have quite enough of that going on right now, thank you very much.


About Modesty

Named after a fictional British spy from the 1960s, she's a stickler for manners, tradition, and has a love of the finer things in life, mixed with a naughty sense of humor and a vocabulary, once released, could make a stevedore blush. She hates run-on sentences like the one you just read.

4 Replies to “Dear Hollywood…”

  1. And the musicians, too.

    Good job, Mod!

    Direct and to the point!

    For the record, F- Pink and Green Day, too.

  2. It’s now a given – among the Hollywoody set, that if they are not the center of attention, they… cease to exist!


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