Experimenting with water

I do make a lot of digital drawings with elements I hand-pick. Sometimes they’re awesome and other times, not so much. I’ve never really experimented with handcrafted water in a scene, so I thought what the hell.. give it your best right now shot. 😁
I like it.. it gives me hope I can improve; so I’m not too embarrassed to show it. I hope you’ll be gentle with your criticism; as mistakes were made. 😏


5 Replies to “Experimenting with water”

  1. The light on the stairs is especially beguiling. The bridge, water, and steps are enough to draw me in. Lovely!

  2. I’ve a long, somewhat hidden, resentment for people with artistic abilities/talents. You have them. You have also the prospect of progression to look forward to. Someday I shall regale with my artistic endeavors, and the abject failure of them. You will be inspired!

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