Fake Candidate

Really, Uncle Joe? Intercourse? Of all the words in the English language, your handlers/you chose that one?  We all know what it means, but you.. you pedantic, grotty predator.. just made it sparkle like Christmas at Grandma’s house.

I understand; you’re only going through the motions. And, were I a more forgiving soul, could almost overlook the fact you’re losing your faculties. That you’re more to be pitied than believed.
They’re using you, Joe. If you can’t see it, you really are demented.
Or getting a nice, fat paycheck for letting your wife stick her arm up your ass to move your lips.

About Lucia

Lucia is the 34-year-old owner of Lucky Lucia’s Bail Bonds. She is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very violent and a bit sneaky. She is an Italian firecracker who defines herself as straight. She has a post-graduate degree in glamour. Physically, Lucia is in pretty good shape. She is tall with bronze skin, dark auburn hair and brown eyes. She has a scar on her cheek from a tussle with Zack Vincent Ross. She is left-handed. Having never really known her parents, she was raised in a series of upper class foster homes. She is currently in a relationship with Brian Montgomery Anderson. Brian is 17 years older than her and owns one of her diamonds and a large conglomerate of whistle factories. Lucia’s best friend is an avid collector of men called D’arcy. They frequent classy nightclubs and have few scruples.

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