God, Please Don’t Let Me Lose my Sense of Humor

I had a heart attack last July; which quite frankly should have scared the shit out of me at the time.. but didn’t. Instead, it hit me like a ton of bricks later.
I do need to tell you about the wild ambulance ride that night, but I’ll reserve that for another time. Instead, it’s time you knew my brain has taken on a new level of oddness since that time that even I can’t explain.
I’ve been thinking about things to write, but I’ve been plagued with ideas such as these and I can’t make up my mind about any of them.

1. An all-American boy loses his faith on the open ocean while a mystical shaman takes a wrong turn at Disneyland.
2. A happy widow has three days to pay the orphanage’s tax bill and a Catholic priest uses his powers to protect the helpless on a cruise.
3. A deranged Fauci has 24 hours to save his family from kidnappers, while a renegade politician tries to destroy the Earth.

I’ll let you decide.

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