Late Night Call

A couple nights ago Modesty and I Skyped for a bit just to get some sound bytes for testing. We had a later start than we’d hoped since I’ve had my little Trippy dog by my side since he injured his left hind leg. He has to be carried out to pee for a while, so I was doing that; and by then I was into a third beer as well.
We finally began the call, but I didn’t begin recording until a couple minutes after, so this is the result. At least we were able to do our sound check; even if I was a bit slow on the uptake due to being slightly inebriated.  😉  I promise the next one will be complete.


13 Replies to “Late Night Call”

  1. Why the fudge was it so hekkin’ short?! Did you run out of phone credit or something?? Cheapskates!

    Seriously though, I loved that and I’ll listen to it again at some point over the next few days. This was far more enjoyable and entertaining than 99.9% of what’s on mainstream media these days and I am looking forward to the next one – N.

    • We were well into the conversation by time Sparky decided to hit record, which is why the first thing you hear is us laughing.

      We’re glad you liked it…and we promise the next one will be longer. *kisses*

    • We didn’t even plan to record that one! I was already into beer #4 and laughing so hard I nearly peed myself.
      I love that you liked it, Nico!

  2. I’d love to interrupt y’alls little Swary. Bet you two would have a time. I’d be begging fer mercy. No doubt.

    Much love girly’s

    • Honey, you can interrupt our Swary any time. You’ll no doubt be a new man by the time we’re finished.

  3. I’ve always wanted to be the fly on the wall that hears stuff…and it finally happened! Omg I’m DYIN’ here…

  4. About to pass out laughing. If not heard from in 14 days, expired and am moldering on the BarcaLounger… and it’s on your heads!


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