Let’s get this show on the road…

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We’ve been lazy during the WuHu Flu nonsense…hard to get inspired when you have to wear a mask and listen to Fauci, the Italian Doctor of Death, flip flop more than a beached fish.

But it’s time to get things back to normal, so I am settling down to write. But about what? I need inspiration…I know, booze. And a blunt.

Check back later to see if I was successful!!

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David Martin June 29, 2021
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In an insane asylum, the sane man is the comedian. I have NO IDEA what that means.
PutativePathogen June 26, 2021
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I'm personally on a tear about "captcha". Damnit. It specifically says "bicycles" - plural. Yet you're supposed to click on the pictures with just ONE bicycle! And "traffic lights". They count the stupid pole as a "traffic light". Captcha is lowering our standards, one login at a time....
Sparky June 26, 2021
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Oh, a blunt is the quicker picker-upper.