Like riding a bike, but not

Getting back into writing after a long layoff is like riding a bike. You’re wobbly at first, then you get stronger and steadier, and before you know it, you’re flying. Except it’s not. Because when you ride a bike, it’s the same every time you do it, and that can’t be said for writing. So that said, have a little patience until I get over being wobbly.

I must have stared at this screen for 30 minutes…so much to say, nothing to say. It’s like a bear emerging from hibernation; slightly fuzzy and confused. It’s summer, but I feel like I missed part of winter and all of Spring. Maybe it’s the onset of Alzheimer’s? Post-Covid brain freeze? I don’t know, but I hope I’m not the only person who feels like this. Plus how does one follow up the epic Jabberwocky ode that Sparky just posted? I mean, did you READ that thing? It was like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, with a shot of mezcal and a lighter fluid chaser. Even Blanche had to read it twice, and she’s fluent in psychedelic (or is it psychotic?) writing.

All I ask is you guys hang in with us…I promise you’ll either laugh, cry, shake your head, or nod along with us.


About Modesty

Named after a fictional British spy from the 1960s, she's a stickler for manners, tradition, and has a love of the finer things in life, mixed with a naughty sense of humor and a vocabulary, once released, could make a stevedore blush. She hates run-on sentences like the one you just read.

4 Replies to “Like riding a bike, but not”

  1. I’m alive, though battered and fried. I do have palm trees outside my window and a floofy companion on my recliner! And now Mod stories & Sparkles tales. Life is good.
    So glad your words have found a blank page again!

  2. It was a crappy Winter all the way around; besides being face-diapered up everywhere we went. We’re still enduring a stolen “election” that.. let’s face it, is depressing as Hell.
    But! We’re back and on fire!

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