Li’l Red

I love to dabble with digital graphics; have for 20-plus years. I was always a charcoal and pencils sort when I was actually “drawing” on paper and any other surface I could find. I actually spent days creating a Jack Daniels portrait on a cinder block in my living room.. and it was quite good. When the house was demolished in later years, I made sure that one block was saved for posterity. Somewhere along life’s road it broke …. I was devastated; but life goes on.
Now I spend literal hours and days on a project because it soothes (mostly) the savage beast in me.
Stahp! I said mostly: )


I’m strictly an amateur in this digital world, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment when a project pleases a couple thousand people and me.

This one is the latest mishmash from something I found online. 😉


4 Replies to “Li’l Red”

  1. Sparky, I love it…really love it. You never fail to amaze me with your talent, whether it’s graphics, hair styling, tassel twirling…

    Yer a damn Renaissance woman!


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