Mind Your Own Business, Karen

The virus is one thing but the snitches are quite another. This has shown me how many people really don’t know how to mind their own business and how so many seem to want the government to keep them safe which is a fallacy. To slam the President of the US for not doing enough about the virus is laughable. I can keep me safe without having every move I make dictated to me.
All you Karens can kiss my ass.

About Blanche

Blanche is from a southern state and grew up in a middle class neighborhood. She is nearly always sweet and friendly, but can also be very fiery and a bit impatient. She is average height with fair skin, red hair and green eyes. She has a prosthetic hand since losing hers ten years ago in a bar fight with a drunk blonde bimbo. She is currently single and looking. Her most recent romance was with a guy called Crusher MacDougal. They parted ways when Blanche called him a pussy.

3 Replies to “Mind Your Own Business, Karen”

  1. What did we learn on the playground?

    Snitches get stitches.

    You can go to college or learn a trade, but the lessons you learn on the playground are for LIFE!

  2. Karens and SJWs don’t appear ex nihilo. They are the product of every sprite who aspired to be ‘hall monitor. for life. Stop putting kids in charge of snitching on kids.

  3. I pity any Karen who comes into the Roadhouse looking for a Pink Lady and screeches about masks…I would enjoy watching that.

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