Nancy’s Glass House

It seems that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is not only a politician, she’s a doctor, too. Nanners said today that the President was “morbidly obese” and should not be taking Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure.
Let’s see…could POTUS lose a few pounds? Sure, as many of us could. But he’s not “obese” by any account. Also, I’d like to think his physician would show an abundance of caution before prescribing anything to him.
But let’s turn the table, shall we? Speaker Pelosi has had “work” done; work that I’m sure required a back hoe, a bulldozer, and an overhead winch. Face lift (allegedly), fillers (allegedly), and enough Botox to paralyze a small village (definitely).
Someone needs to introduce her to blotting papers, as her face has recently¬† looked like she polished it with Crisco. And those eyebrows!! What graduate of the Ringling Bros clown school drew those on? Too high, too arched, too long. Do we want to talk about the teeth? She sucks on those like a drunk trying to suck the last bit of booze out of a martini’s olive.

No, Nancy. You have no right to judge – glass houses and all that. And I have a couple of really big rocks sitting at the ready.



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  1. Nancy’s beyond being ironic, she’s crossed over into self-satirical burlesque – looks like a cadaver that’s been pecked by vultures. Dems are the most self-unaware people/zombies on the planet.

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