No More Sleeping Pills for Me

Worst songs to strip to:
“Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego” came roaring into first barely beating out the Animaniacs theme song. In third was “I’m A Little Teapot”, followed by “Silver Spoons”.

Answer calls from scam artists with: “Dick Nasty’s House of Cut-Rate Hookers and Spackle, Dick speaking”.

On working in the local Pancake Palace:
It’s staggering how many starving ingrates will fit into roughly a 1500 square foot area. And the 42nd order of chicken and waffles gets extra floor spice.

I’d like to see some newsworthy paddlings for a change. Headlines that read like, “EIGHT ASSES BRUTALLY PADDLED BEHIND SUPER 8”

We need another day between Friday and Saturday. We can call it “Bleen”.

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