No, We Aren’t Dead

We aren’t too drunk to post, but that would make for some great content if we were. Seems we both have too much on our plates these days; besides the constant worry of going down the rabbit hole known as the Biden-Harris administration.
I won’t start in on that shit since it’s been done to death and I’d rather not talk about it at the moment. Suffice to say it keeps me awake most nights and I’m plenty pissed about it.
The Modster and I have been discussing some ideas we hope to implement at LRR, so bear with us please. In the meantime comb through the archives and entertain yourselves. We’ll be back to a regularly-scheduled program soon.
Many thanks to you, dear readers. 🥰

3 Replies to “No, We Aren’t Dead”

    • Poor Erg. He’s had a rough life, hasn’t he?
      I think we’ve all had enough bullshit. Makes it hard to concentrate on anything.


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