No More Sleeping Pills for Me

Worst songs to strip to:
“Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego” came roaring into first barely beating out the Animaniacs theme song. In third was “I’m A Little Teapot”, followed by “Silver Spoons”.

Answer calls from scam artists with: “Dick Nasty’s House of Cut-Rate Hookers and Spackle, Dick speaking”.

On working in the local Pancake Palace:
It’s staggering how many starving ingrates will fit into roughly a 1500 square foot area. And the 42nd order of chicken and waffles gets extra floor spice.

I’d like to see some newsworthy paddlings for a change. Headlines that read like, “EIGHT ASSES BRUTALLY PADDLED BEHIND SUPER 8”

We need another day between Friday and Saturday. We can call it “Bleen”.

Just Say No


Marxism in the United States is alive and well.
Now the tyrants are going to start sending out thugs to knock on our doors; no doubt beginning with some fat ass woke Karen.. (she’s probably a Union 5th grade “teacher”; because let’s face it.. she has time on her hands and getting paid extra) smiling up into your doorbell camera, to browbeat you into taking a “vaccine” that’s “Going to keep you and your family safe, and won’t you feel ashamed if one of them dies because you neglected your duty as an American?”

After you’ve told her no, you ain’t taking that shit, she’ll just enter all that into her little innocuous tablet that’s only used for just this occasion and you’re labeled. You’re a subversive and must be dealt with accordingly.

Next time, they’ll send Gerald. He’ll be accompanied by two goons who’ll wait in the car. Gerald’s a personable guy with a nice smile, a microphone and a hidden leg holster.
He’ll be there with that smile to remind you to take that shot or else.

That’s when I’ll tell him what my Granny used to say:
“I’m gonna pitch a fit at 4 o’clock and you better git. I got a shotgun with yore name on it.”