Pretty Pretty


All that follows is memorialization commemorating one of those blessed times when it is great to be alive and wonderful simply to participate in life effortlessly, dance with it slowly… closely. Little herein is embroidered. Most is finely etched recollection of a convocation of created things. The collection of these moments – made memories – are the singular happiest moments of an un-singular life.

Here also, in this episode, is intimation of the phenomenon – the “Edenic Effect”. It was empirically made evident to me… and I vouch for its authenticity. The ‘Edenic Effect’ is when pretty women are so overcome by moments sublime… paradisal, they are moved, from within, by a universally shared collective female memory to participate… join with moment and nature… to show… to … to revert to the state of their  genesis – if you know what I’m getting at… and I think you do.

Mise En Scène et Plus

Background Music La Vie En Rose (softly)

Time: Sunday AM. An embraceable morning of an almost summer, late May day. Everywhere life is in bloom; made brilliant by light and warmth.  Early bird chirping had ended; all is blessedly quiet.

Place: Urban campus; architecturally – campus classicism. Just there, a building, the access to which is concrete stairs with generous concrete slabs atop brick walls on either side – for sitting, straddling, lolling, dreaming. We had walked around earlier, now we are lolling.

Fragrances drift about… scents of new life, growth – the green grass – as though recently mown. Floral scents are aloft by the gentlest of that morning’s breezes. All made things were in concert, as was their purpose, ordered just so, from “In The Beginning”. The morning, all of it, was as near heavenly paradise as is terrestrially possible. There and then, I was provided a sense of heavenliness and haven’t forgotten it. And it gets better.

The campus and environs are without hint of human life but for X, and his her. There was that older woman walking her dog – extras both – pay no mind. That’s all the cast there is.

Each, X and his her, are warmed by morning sun. This is not yet the perfect day but is already the perfect morning… and it bodes well for the remains of the day. Never had I been blessed with a more serenely beautiful two hours of living than those. My memory, I already expected, would fail in keeping this a recollection intact, fresh, and meticulously explicit. But I dared not ruin it with too much effort, snarfing it all up to fill the memory vaults. That never has worked for me.

But This I Remember (as though it happened a day ago)

The Aforementioned ‘Better’

Her:  Xay

X:     hhmmmmmmm?

Her:  Are you sleeping?

X:     (yawning) uh uhh… resting.

Her:   Are you thinking?

X:      uhhh huh.

Her:   I have a question.

X:      uhhh huh.

(Pregnant pause)

Her:  Would you say I was pretty?

X:    (earnestly) You’re pretty.

Her:  How pretty?

X:    Pretty pretty

Her: Come on… elucidate.

X:    ELUCIDATE!? What the…

Her: Yes.

(Pregnant pause)

X:    You’re pretty enough

Her: (springs up to sitting)  what does that mean?

X:    It means you’re pretty pretty.

Her:  You said ‘pretty enough’.

X:    So?

Her: It sounds like you think I just barely made it… or something.

X:    Stop it.

Her: Oh, so it’s okay for you to think about stuff, but not for me to?

X:    That’s not thinking, it’s making something of nothing.

Her: What do you mean by ‘pretty enough’? It’s a simple question.

X:    (sitting up)I mean pretty enough, pretty enough, pretty    


Her: (not confrontationally… steadfastly)  How pretty is pretty

       Enough? Exactly!

X:    Oh you want it exactly… why didn’t you say so.

(Pregnant Pause x2)

X:   (cont’d) I mean you’re pretty enough to grab a guy’s

        attention…    …I mean you’re pretty enough to get a guy to

        look twice…   …I mean you’re pretty enough to get a guy to wondering… what… the rest of you… is like.

(Pregnant Pause)

Her:  You ever imagine what the rest of me looks like?

X:    Yeah… no… …not… imagined… …wondered… yeah, wondered.

Her:  Would you like to see?

Long, long…  …long silence – near perfect but for a gentle rustling of new leaves on old boughs.

Fadeout …


Or, if you are inclined to the French cinematic version…



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