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  • Modesty

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... Anthony James

Stay cool Fiona,happy new year.

... George Angus

An excellent take on all things 2021 and a very decent primer on our favorite social media site.
Best of the new year to you and yours.

... Tans

Amen Miss Moddy

... Psykosity

I recognize this reporting style!

... Sparky

Just imagine the little cherubs gathered around with beatific smiles on their little faces.

... George

Awww, a Christmas story to tell her granchildren. 🙂

... Sparky

I’ve seen her around town.
Her ex is a realtor.

... Hanoch

Angry and concerned. What do to?
Great synopsis ole girl!

... David Martin


... David Martin

How do you drive a car with spurs on?

Crap…another experiment to do before I die…