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... Sparky

Johnny! Are ye drunk again, man? 😉

... JohnnyReb1957

Sparky?? There, I called.

... David Martin

In an insane asylum, the sane man is the comedian.

I have NO IDEA what that means.

... David Martin

So glad you ALL are back!

... Modesty Fiona Blaise

Thanks, Barb…it was time to get back in the saddle again!

... BarbC

I’m alive, though battered and fried. I do have palm trees outside my window and a floofy companion on my recliner! And now Mod stories & Sparkles tales. Life is good.
So glad your words have found a blank page again!

... Sparky

It was a crappy Winter all the way around; besides being face-diapered up everywhere we went. We’re still enduring a stolen “election” that.. let’s face it, is depressing as Hell.
But! We’re back and on fire!

... Blanche

Nope.. didn’t have a captcha.

... Blanche

Did you have to do a captcha to comment? Testing now to see.

... PutativePathogen

I’m personally on a tear about “captcha”. Damnit. It specifically says “bicycles” – plural. Yet you’re supposed to click on the pictures with just ONE bicycle! And “traffic lights”. They count the stupid pole as a “traffic light”.

Captcha is lowering our standards, one login at a time….