Say What??!

Forgive me, dear readers, but I’m boiling. I just read an article where Alan Dershowitz says the government has the right to insist you get a WuHu Flu vaccine. Upon further reading, he explains you are not protected by the Constitution in this matter; that the Department of Health is within their rights to demand every citizen be vaccinated, to the point of saying “They can be compelled to be vaccinated. I don’t believe religious or other objections, if the vaccine is designed to prevent others from getting sick, it can be justified. You’re obliged as a citizen of the country to make certain sacrifices, and those includes being vaccinated.”*

Oh really? In one fell swoop, this little sawed-off, Epstein-island visiting bastard took away our freedom of choice, Constitution be damned. Is he going to insist anti-vaxxers like Bill and Melinda Gates get the shot, along with their children?

Since when do we have a Gestapo? Oh, that’s right – we don’t. So go ahead and try, Alan, you ferret-faced weasel. I have one thing to say to you:

Bring it. You have no idea what you’ll be facing.

(*Quote from – May 19, 2020)

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  1. That’s one possibility, Mr. P. The other is that you become a “non-person.” You can’t work, shop, see the doctor, go to the movies, whatever. You’d be stuck in your house or yard, not allowed to go anywhere, until the Vaccine Stasi stop by, scoop you up, and hold you down for your injection.

    Despite what Dershowitz says, this will not go unchallenged, one way or another.

    • The first would probably be more generally palatable. The second might well be a triggering event – “shot heard around…

  2. Smells like OBAMACARE extortion. Those who would opt out had to pay a penalty, that SCOTUS ruled a tax. Those who will not be vaxed will need pay a tax that SCOTUS will rule a penalty.

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