Six Women and One Skinny Turd With A Skateboard

Down here in my neck of the woods, we heard yesterday that three busloads of BLM protesters were headed in to start some shit. And all seven weirdos that actually showed up today in front of the courthouse were more than a little surprised at the amount of good old boys carryin’.

The ladies *coughwere all sporting various shades of purple and pink hair, wearing short filmy skirts, short black leggings and white tennis shoes; and appeared to have not recently bathed. I could see the flies a’circlin’. And I reckon they have to work real hard for just the right emaciated appearance. You know, when you subsist on nothing but rayman noodles because you’re too effin’ lazy to work, you can get skinny real damned quick.

Now, the one guy in the little band of idjits did all the talkin’ and cussin’ was about twelve inches around and maybe 5’4″. He was busier than a cat covering shit on a marble floor, and his britches were ready to fall off because he surely suffers from a real bad case of gone-ass. I guess he thought he was gonna intimidate the good ol’ boys with that badass skateboard he was totin’.

Nope. This ain’t the place for them pussies to be bringing their scrawny asses.
We have guns, friends and family with guns and we don’t care because this is God’s country right here.

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Blanche is from a southern state and grew up in a middle class neighborhood. She is nearly always sweet and friendly, but can also be very fiery and a bit impatient. She is average height with fair skin, red hair and green eyes. She has a prosthetic hand since losing hers ten years ago in a bar fight with a drunk blonde bimbo. She is currently single and looking. Her most recent romance was with a guy called Crusher MacDougal. They parted ways when Blanche called him a pussy.

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