Social Media Madness


So much kerfuffle lately about social media, it’s surprising we all haven’t melted into puddles. Oh that’s right – those screaming snowflakes, SJWs, and Karens do that.

Twitter and Facebook are in a downward spiral, which I heartily applaud. What a sewer they’ve become. I had a Twit account for about a nano-second, until I realized I was greatly outnumbered by flaming liberals who were more than happy to scream at me. No one screams at me, so after sweetly telling them they were all bat shit crazy, I deleted my account.

There are many players in the field, and the latest darling is Parler (pronounced par-lay, pretentiously). It is the latest “go to” site, with tons of people flocking there after the latest banishing of some influencers. It seems half of DC has joined as well, from what I’ve heard.

However, it seems the bloom is coming off the rose and rather quickly. There are screams about the TOS, the requirement of a phone number to join, whispers of it being a honey pot, and the latest, they are banning people for saying hurty things.

You heard me right – for saying “hurtful” things. What in Sam Hill is this country coming to?! Making a crack about Marco Rubio needing breast milk is NO reason to ban someone!

It’s up to you what social media platform you want to be on, but go in being informed what faces you there. Some prefer Minds; others who have a spine of steel go to Gab. Or you can be a total weenie and go to Twitter (just my opinion).

Whatever your choice is, be informed. And don’t let anyone silence your voice!

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