Straight Out Of Left Field

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You’ve been friends with someone for twenty-plus years. You’ve drunk with them many times, held each other up physically and emotionally, and witnessed the birth of her first grandchild. You’ve always agreed to disagree on whose college football team is the best, and in all things you do what is right and good.
Then one day you wake up and discover she’s stupid. So stupid in fact, nothing would make you happier than to just slap the taste right out of her mouth and make her apologize for being that stupid.


She’s a crazed vaccinated lefty.
And that’s all I can say about that.

Hanoch October 24, 2021
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Hey Sparky I reckon worst case scenario would be family. Man that bites. My own mother thinks I'm the nut job. Hell, we don't talk much anymore.  Sad state of affairs it is.  But you nailed it. Cheers lovely lady.
Warren October 10, 2021
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I feel the same way about soooo many people, family and friends from over the years who are full bore vaxholes. The thing is that I've done a fair bit of research into the injections commonly called vaccines.  And it is my unfortunate conclusion that the double and triple jabbed; the real true believers in these gene therapy treatments, well in many, many cases they will be leaving these mortal shores in the very near future. So many in fact that it will be hard to deny, even for the densest of them. Reality will be slapping them upside the head soon enough.