July, 2022


We find ourselves now, early in the 21st Century, in the midst of the first recorded insurrection of the intractably stupid and useless against the fundamentally percipient and productive. The stupid and useless are winning.


*That Which Will Not Be Put Up With In A Society Free To Fuck Most Anything And Kill The Most Innocent.

The lingua bravura of the Brave New World Order/Great Reset has not a purpose of communication. It is solely devoted to outrageous pretenses, such as – paradigmatically – “Planned Parenthood”. Moreover, the Orderers themselves have neither a natural faculty nor a learned ability to construct an alternative to organized societies as they were generally constituted throughout Western civilization. For that reason, they avail themselves of bullshit to conceal preternatural inadequacies, self-taught incompetence, and addictive impulses to get morally high on their psychoses.


“They” are neither dim nor dense enough to believe “EQUALITY” possible. “They” are sufficiently intuitive to understand the pursuit of it will make rubble of everything social. All the abstruse concepts of post-modern Western societies – ‘equality’, ‘justice’, ‘liberty’ i.e., license, ‘fairness’, and ‘inclusiveness’, are, term and meaning… bullshit. Top off that pile by acclaiming the moral superiority of deviants, and you have then one humongous heap of shit. Once those concepts are anointed “rights” and introduced as unequivocally essential to a fair society, every possibility of any such society being systemically viable is preposterous… and “they” damn well know it.

Parable And Prediction

An ancient tyrant responds to a query… “how best organize the polity?” The questioners are led to the wheat fields where, with his cane, the tyrant lops off the tops of the stalks making them all even.

“The moral was plain. Allow no preeminence among your subjects. Let no man live who is wiser or better or more famous or even handsomer than the mass. Cut them all down to a level: all slaves, all ciphers, all nobodies. All equals. Thus Tyrants could practise, in a sense, ‘democracy.’ But now ‘democracy’ can do the same work without any tyranny No one need now go through the field with a cane. The little stalks will now, of themselves, bite the tops off the big ones.” 

– C S Lewis

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

And the snivelers have been bitching about it since the day of the sermon. Prickles – devotees of uniformity, compliance, order, and a level and safe field – became the hydrophobic vanguard for ‘social justice’ and began biting everyone smarter, funnier, hotter, cooler, happier, hipper, more successful, i.e., everyone not a pathetic SJW, down to a size tinier than themselves. Our cultural ‘attack dogs’ are all of a bitchy-catty spirit, and all are moral, mental, and somatic halflings… bafflingly…  stupendously – worthless in any capacity other than perpetual hall monitors aching to bitch/snitch and get their heads patted.

That Which Mayn’t Be Put Up With

Winning/losing, succeeding/failing, superiority/inferiority, differentiation, discernment, and inequalities whether attained by industry, indolence, luck, blessings or genetics.

That Which Mayn’t Be Permitted

Joking, musing, noticing, deeming, speaking (extra-narratively), deducing, preferring, appropriating, questioning, disagreeing, and reasoning… kindergarten level rationalization being the lone exception.

That Which Willn’t Be Suffered

Whiteness, masculinity (toxic or benign), human nature (male or female), dissent, Christianity, the family, breeding, oppressive flags, monuments, plaques, dedications, historical records, chronicles, documents, the past.

What Mayn’t Be Had

Guns, ammo, free speech, publicly expressed opinions, nor a ‘carbon footprint’ bigger than a boson.

That Which Mayn’t Be Done

(man)spreading, citing facts/statistics. Homos transitioning to heteros. And any and all undertakings making ‘normal’ the optimal state for human beings.

Those Who Mayn’t Have Privilege

Any of that human rabble – White, Euro, Christian, heterosexual and… their progeny… who had not undergone re-education’.

Those Who Must Be Privileged

All who mayn’t have privilege.

March Or Die

Homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality – all being ‘innate’ sexual dispositions – are therefore natural, ergo legitimate, socially acceptable, and morally superior to socially constructed dispositions advanced exclusively from aberrantly binary nature.      

And all heterosexual carnality is… rape.   

What Mayn’t Be Consumed

Any fauna or products derived thereof, i.e., meats, delicacies, leathers, furs, etc.

What Ought Be Consumed

Children (sexually), insects (nutritionally), drugs (abundantly).

Grim Literature and Opera Bouffe Reality

Literature had erred in depicting future dystopias. Fantasists envisioned ruthlessly ordered, competently run dystopias with a mob in lockstep. Reality is making of that something sniggeringly quaint. Despotic dystopias are not in our future but here, now, and… the tyrants are intellectually plebeian, occupationally parasitic, skillfully incompetent, chaotically ordered, logically incoherent, pridefully contradictory, and are accomplished only in improvisational stupidity.

And this, finally. Throughout the time of Homo Sapiens, he has always, ultimately, prevailed over tyranny… every time. Man was made by GOD to be as he is; and he will always resort to his native instincts… to be… and to be free.

NB: If you haven’t bitch-slapped or punched a ‘social justice warrior’…you’re not living up to your potential and are a disappointment to Civilization.



  1. Someone should call the cops.

    That wasn’t just an amazing summary of our current social/political clownshow…

    That was a curbstomping!


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