Voice Mail Messages – Part 1

When I call Sparky, I occasionally get her voice mail. Instead of leaving the run-of-the-mill message, I like to liven it up.

Here’s my most recent message: (insert Southern accent)

“Hi-ah, this is Connie calling from the Tennessee RNC. How y’all doing today? We noticed you hadn’t renewed your membership; hell, we don’t even know if you’re still a Republican. Most of all, we see you haven’t donated in…well, ever. Please call us back, because we really count on your support…and your money. Call us at 987-555-5592. Or stop by the office, have a glass of sweet tea and chat. Thank yew!. 

Sparky’s son and husband are used to this, fortunately.


About Modesty

Named after a fictional British spy from the 1960s, she's a stickler for manners, tradition, and has a love of the finer things in life, mixed with a naughty sense of humor and a vocabulary, once released, could make a stevedore blush. She hates run-on sentences like the one you just read.

7 Replies to “Voice Mail Messages – Part 1”

  1. It pleases me to no end that I know you both!

    Sometimes, I walk around smiling for no other reason than knowing that you two are doing stuff like this!

  2. Sometimes I deliberately don’t answer just so we can hear the crazy things you come up with. We all ROFL like hyenas.


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