When a Friend Is No Longer Friend

Lucia and I have the best friendship. I do my thing, and she doesn’t judge; she does her thing, and I don’t judge. I’ve stopped her on a few occasions from doing something that would have wound up with her serving 15 to life, but other than that, I let her roll.
But everyone has had the experience of breaking up with a friend. Sometimes it’s worse than breaking up with a beau, because you’ve shared your dreams and fears and darkest secrets with them. And one day, for whatever reason, it’s over. And it hurts when it’s done to you. (a situation I’m not used to, if we’re being honest)
A former friend – let’s call her Shari – is a shining example. We were thick as thieves, closer than sisters, told each other EVERYTHING, and then things in her life took a sharp left. It was difficult for me to watch her hurting, and no matter how gently I tried to tell her that what she was torturing herself over wasn’t worth it, I always got the same response: I didn’t understand, I didn’t know what she knew, it was going to work out. Until it didn’t. And it was all my fault.
There was no talking to her; she had made up her mind I gave up on her and that was unforgivable. She was right, I was wrong, and that’s all there was to it. She cut me off at the knees (again, a situation that had never happened to me) and refuses to speak to me to this day.
The thing is, if she called me at 3 am and said she needed help, bail money, me to donate a kidney, I’d do it. But I don’t expect that ever to happen.
Because in her mind, she was right and I was wrong.

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D'arcy grew up on an estate in upstate New York, surrounded by staff, with mostly absentee parents. Left to her own devices, she shunned school, read voraciously, and collected animals, first-edition volumes of her favorite books, and occasionally men. D'arcy recently moved out of her apartment on the UES of NYC with her cavachon pup, Aramis, and is currently living at her late parents estate while deciding on where to put down roots. The best way to get on her good side is to have a sense of humor, not take yourself too seriously, and be kind in general. Irritate her, and you'll be greeted with a laser look and a tongue lashing for the ages, and not the good kind.

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