Your Chicken Cacciatore Is Burning, Cha Cha Cha

November, 2016

Brown the chicken, check every five minutes to make sure I haven’t burnt the shit out of it, drain the grease off the chicken. Throw a log on the fire. Jiggle wood. Spew profanities at shitty poker. Locate favorite sauce pot. Brown spices, add tomatoes, stir. Bring in more firewood. Throw on two pieces. Jiggle wood. Wave away blue cloud of obscenities hurled at shitty poker. Wipe up sauce splatters from stove top; stir. Remind cat for 35th time it is *not* supper time yet. Jiggle wood. Throw shitty poker across room. Give up.


2 Replies to “Your Chicken Cacciatore Is Burning, Cha Cha Cha”

  1. I burned the hash browns the girlfriend was in the bedroom, the cats were fighting, the phone was ringing, the neighbors were doing donuts in their yard, I thought someone was pounding on the door, but it was my girlfriend head hitting the headboard, it wasn’t the cats fighting, it was my girlfriend making those sounds. I ate the hashbrowns I poured hot black coffee on them to make them not so burnt, I jumped on my motorcycle and had a great day.


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